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==Welcome to the Camp Half-Blood and 39 Clues Fanfiction Wiki==

This place is for everyone who wants to make stories between the Camp Half-Blood and 39 Clues Series. You can do such things like collabs and stories and pages for characters you've created.

This place is created by Caprice Cahill-Jackson (aka Katrina Cahill) for any CHB and 39 Clues lover can create stories about Camp Half-Blood and 39 Clues or it can be an all alone series.


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Because this is a fanfiction wiki, you must follow rules that cannot hurt or harm anyone's strong passion for the Camp Half-Blood and 39 Clues series.

The following are:

  • No spamming - spamming is one of our most offensive and hurtful problems that will ruin this wiki. If you are kind enough to follow the rules, please do not spam.
  • No flaming - flaming is highly illegal for this wiki. And yes, when you ask someone to flame on another user, it does count as flaming.
  • No meatpuppeting - please see the definition of it.
  • No copying - copying other people's stories, it just shows that you're just here to gain popularity rather than showing that you have a potential of making stories.
  • No cursing and cussing - okay, this is the highly offensive thing most people do. Attention: It's going to be hard that if your story has a cuss word no 5 year old child must had seen and read it, it's your fault if they turned into terrorists. Just bleep them out.
  • No giving out your password
  • No multiple accounts - Multiple accounts isn't allowed here. If you want to vote your original account with those multiples, you will be banned, and, if it is a way to get out of your ban, then you'll be banned again. Multiple accounts because you forgot your password, or it was hacked, say it on your user page.
  • No sockpuppeting
  • No tattling - when we meant that, you are not allowed to tell on someone to an admin from someone in My Space, Tumblr, Yahoo!, Gmail, or any other websites even other wikis.


Original of Edits, New Users, and Some Bans and BlocksEdit

October 28, 2011: Wiki was created by Caprice Cahill-Jackson by the time of 16:15.

Other Not-So-Much-Important NewsEdit

November 21, 2011: Shall we request a logo from the Logo Creation Wiki?


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